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 "Let's Play...!"

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"Let's Play...!" Empty
PostSubject: "Let's Play...!"   "Let's Play...!" Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 3:40 am

No that is not the title of a game but this thread does relate to gaming in general. For those who do not what a "Let's Play" is.. here's a quick crash course courtesy of that old old wikipedia:

Quote :
A Let's Play (often abbreviated LP) is a documented playthrough of something that, at the very minimum, resembles a game; how the author chooses to present it is incredibly varied. Some use screen shots, some use video. Some let the readers make decisions, others plow on through and use a thread for discussion. Some are serious and informative while others humorous, and yet others are parodies.

The most commonly accepted definition for a video Let's Play is a 'video walkthrough of a video game with player commentary' - whether that be through audio or subtitles. The majority of Let's Players consider the commentary to be the separating element between video walkthroughs and Let's Plays. Some Let's Players speak in a regular conversational voice, while others employ voice acting skills to play parts of characters, or for their own unique commentary persona.

Right. So with that mind here are some links to some of my favorite Let's Play(s):

Let's Play Final Fantasy IX ("Matches? On a wooden airship? Health & Safety wouldn't take that now days!")

Let's Play Kirby's Adventure ("Yeah that's right. You damn well better dance you little creampuff.")

Let's Play Parasite Eve (lol @ the 'voice acting'. Also, I like the person's accent. :3)

Let's Play Persona 3: FES (God this guy's commentary is hilarious)

Well, anyway if you find any 'Let's Plays' that you quite enjoy post them in this thread! 8D The best tip I can give for finding some is to just do a youtube search with the words "Let's Play" followed by the title of a favorite game or a game your curious about.
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"Let's Play...!"
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