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 So let's say you could make a manga (and/or anime) about anything..

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Fuhrer Worm

Fuhrer Worm

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PostSubject: So let's say you could make a manga (and/or anime) about anything..   Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:45 pm

Share your ideas ITT no matter how strange because in Japan you can do a manga for pretty much ANYTHING. Surprised

TITLE: (if any) Let's Run!

SYNOPSIS: Yasushi doesn't lead a very exciting life: he keeps fairly average grades, doesn't persuade any particular hobbies yet he is perfectly content to live in the boring yet safe sort of world he lives in. However, his world is turned upside down when his older brother, the track running champion Katsuro (whom he greatly admires) suffers seriously leg injuries that may very well cripple him for life. Yasushi makes a promise: to make it to the Japanese National Track & Field win it and to someday make it to Olympics as well, if possible. But he soon finds this is so much more of a challenge than he ever could have anticipated.

GENRE: Sports/Shonen

FANSERVICE (if any): Usually sweaty/generally cute shotas in rather tight & very short running shorts. *nosebleeds and is told to 'Have a seat right over there' by Chris Hansen*
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PostSubject: Re: So let's say you could make a manga (and/or anime) about anything..   Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:19 pm

Well, it's obvious what I'd like to do XD My characters~

TITLE: Love♥️Love

SYNOPSIS: Twins Ran and Ryu aren't living the greatest of lives. That is, until the lottery ticket Ran bought by chance happened to earn them 45 million dollars! Their word flips upside down with a sudden avalanche of money, not that they're complaining. So, the two anime fans train up in college before running off to Japan to open up...a bar? And an apartment complex? Person after person suddenly comes into their lives and Ran wants to help each and every one of them! A Rape victim, a hermaphrodite, a cross dresser, a gamer, and a certain friend from the past. Can the two of them keep up with their new busy lives?

GENRE: Romantic comedy.

FANSERVICE (if any): Loads of yaoi-ish fanservice and plenty of boob shots from Chris.

TITLE: You are my Star [Don't ask..it just seems to fit it]

SYNOPSIS: The sequel to Love♥️Love. Ran has gone missing?! When the hell did that happen? Five years in the future, Ran is gone, and everyone's upset. However, after Ran always used to rant and rave about the way Mario and Shura cooked, the two of them decide to open up a cafe in his honor! A cafe called My Star. Hiring Cherry Crow and Tetsu Ryu as their first workers, the two of them strive to put their lives back together without their shining star of a friend. But what's this on the horizon? Could there be a little love in their futures?

GENRE: Romantic comedy

FANSERVICE (if any): Same as above, minus chris. Maybe she'll make some cameos and we'll let Tetsu's small boobies have more screen time XD
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So let's say you could make a manga (and/or anime) about anything..
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